GUNTHER presents a game Miz

The longest authoritative Intercontinental hero throughout the title, GUNTHER, came into Survivor Series this evening (Sat., Nov. 25, 2023) in Chicago, Illinois having held the previously mentioned title for 533 days and then some. The Miz was the most recent person entrusted with endeavoring to take it off him.

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They just had two or three weeks to work out a genuine story, and they zeroed in on a piece on The Miz having more days as the man holding that title, essentially when you join his eight separate rules. GUNTHER actually harassed him, called him a performer, and vowed to club him in the match.

He didn’t do precisely that, yet simply because The Miz was down for a battle. He contended energetically from under, acquiring the cheers from the live crowd.

They didn’t even boo when he cheated!

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What’s more, he cheated, exploiting a presented turnbuckle to hit GUNTHER with a shameful move, and afterward another cheap shot, and afterward in any event, utilizing said uncovered turnbuckle. Each time it seemed as though he could have a genuine fire at winning, however, GUNTHER did his Eliminator thing and made want more.

At last, he utilized a Lion Tamer to score the accommodation triumph. He might very well never lose that title.

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