What Is Mariner Finance Reviews? Scam? Full Detailed 2023

Mariner Finance Loan
Mariner Finance Loan

What is Mariner Finance? 

Mariner Finance is a consumer finance company that offers personal loans in 27 states. If you’ve had trouble qualifying for a personal loan elsewhere due to damaged credit, Mariner Finance might be able to help. However, it charges high annual percentage rates (APRs) and loan amounts max out at $25,000.

How does Mariner Finance work?

  • At Mariner Finance, the application process can be done by phone, online, or in-branch.
  • Their online process uses a soft inquiry that won’t impact your credit score to determine your eligibility.
  • You can usually expect to hear back about your loan application the same day you apply.
  • Mariner Finance personal loans can be secured by an asset or co-signed, or you may qualify for an unsecured personal loan based on your credit history and other factors.

How long does it take for Mariner finance to approve loans?

Mariner Finance typically approves loans within one business day. Does Mariner Finance Offer Personal Loan Refinance? Mariner Finance touts its auto loan refinancing option. However, it doesn’t advertise personal loan refinancing.

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How do I fill out an application with Mariner finance?

Filling out an application with Mariner Finance should only take a few minutes. Visit Mariner Finance’s website and click Apply now. Select the loan amount you’re interested in and click Continue. Enter information about yourself, including your Social Security number and income.

What documents does Mariner Finance need?

Mariner Finance may verify income by requesting financial information like pay stubs, bank statements, or W-2 forms. In other cases, they’ll just use credit report information.

: -  Mariner Finance Pros & Cons?
Reports to all three major credit bureausLimited availability
Offers prequalificationRates, fees, and terms aren’t readily displayed on the website
Works with bad credit borrowersHigh APR range
15-day money-back guaranteeQuestionable business practices

What is Mariner finance’s core value?

One of Mariner Finance’s core values is superior customer service. Through Feefo, Mariner Finance collects reviews from its customers and listens to their feedback in order to constantly improve the Mariner customer experience. Mariner Finance has already received more than 10,000 customer reviews on its Mariner Finance Reviews page.

What are Mariner Finance’s interest rates?

Mariner Finance has an interest rate range of 18.99% – 35.99%, which is higher-than-average but competitive among loans for people with poor credit. Mariner Finance also offers secured personal loans and allows co-signers.

Mariner Finance offers the following types of personal loans:

  1. Debt consolidation
  2. Home improvements
  3. Wedding expenses
  4. Vacations
  5. Unexpected expenses
  6. Finance car loans
  7. Car refinancing loans
  8. Home purchases
  9. Home Refinance

Mariner Finance Personal Loans Are Best For :

  • People who need money fast.
  • People who can afford potentially high-interest rates.
  • People who live in one of the 27 states that Mariner Finance serves.

How do I pay my Mariner loan?

From the Customer Account Center, you can make a single payment, set up recurring payments, check your balance, and view your payment history. You can also stop by your local branch to pay, or pay by phone from your bank account.

You May Incur a Late Payment Fee?

If your payment is late and depending upon the terms of your note, your lender may charge you a late payment fee.

Does Mariner Finance have an app?

The Mariner Finance mobile app is designed for Mariner Finance customers and requires a loan account in order to log into the app. Mariner Finance, LLC is a Non-Bank Financial Company and is a Loan Processor offering Personal Consumer Loans.

Is Mariner finance a scam?

Call us now at 475-277-1600 for a Free Case Evaluation. Our services are absolutely FREE to you. The harassing company pays our fees. Is Mariner Finance a scam? They’re legit. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Mariner Finance, LLC is a legitimate loan provider founded in 2002. The BBB established Mariner’s profile page in 2005.

Is Mariner Finance legit?

  • Upstart is a legitimate company that may be able to assist you in finding a loan that suits your financial needs.
  • They offer multiple types of personal loans, home loans, and car financing loans.

Mariner Finance BBB Complaints?

The BBB gave them an A rating. however, they have an average of 1.25 out of 5 stars rating from 105 customer reviews which are mostly negative. they have accumulated 327 complaints in the past 3 years.

Mariner Finance :

FAQs :

Does Mariner Finance Offer Personal Loan Refinance?

Mariner Finance touts its auto loan refinancing option. However, it doesn’t advertise personal loan refinancing.

How Long Does Mariner Finance take to Approve Personal Loans?

Mariner Finance typically approves loans within one business day.

What Credit Score is Needed for a Mariner Finance Personal Loan?

The lender doesn’t disclose any credit score requirements online.

: -  Have you ever done business with Mariner Finance? Tell us about your experience in the comments.

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