Miraculous Rescue: 60 Survivors Found Alive After Weeks of Isolation in Maui Wildfires!

60 Survivors Found

Authorities have confirmed that a group of (sixty) 60 survivors from the Maui wildfires has been successfully rescued from a solitary residence. This particular house had been isolated since the wildfires tore through the Hawaiian island. The residence, located in western Maui, had been without access to electricity and cellular coverage since August 8th.

60 Survivors

In an extraordinary series of events, Mayor Richard Bisset of Maui County unveiled the details of this rescue operation, occurring simultaneously with the unfortunate rise in the death toll caused by the wildfires, which now stands at 106.

On yesterday, we received information that a family provided shelter to sixty individuals in a residence located on the western side. A significant number of these individuals were not previously identified. However, they have now been successfully reunited with their respective families,” Mr. Bisset stated.

The group had been grappling with the absence of phone service, electricity, and internet connectivity, as confirmed by Chief of Police John Pelletier in Maui. No immediate details have emerged regarding the condition of the survivors or the precise location of their discovery.

As the thorough search and rescue operations persist, authorities approximate that around 1,300 residents of Maui are still not yet located.

Amid the ongoing search and rescue operations, Governor Josh Green of Hawaii conveyed that only 35 percent of the areas devastated by the fire have undergone comprehensive search operations. He anticipates that the death toll will inevitably rise in the coming days.

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